Why WordPress is the Best Content Management software ? - Nerd Platoon Why WordPress is the Best Content Management software ? - Nerd Platoon

Are you pondering which CMS to choose for building your website?

Content Management Software (CMS) is computer software application used to manage the creation, modification, storing and collaboration of digital content. CMS offers a graphical user interface with tools for creating, editing, and publishing web content without having to write code from scratch.

There are lots of CMS options available. Thus, it is important to choose right CMS platform for your website.

Did you know that 43% of websites are powered by WordPress?
If you are not on WordPress yet, you might be baffled by that significant percentage!

This article explains why WordPress is the Best CMS and what you should be looking in for a Best CMS.

7 Reasons why WordPress is the Best CMS

WordPress is open source software which is extremely versatile allowing users to create websites of any category.

1.Open Source Platform

WordPress is open source, you are allowed to change, edit, and adjust the code to meet your needs.

It can simply be downloaded for free and installed without costing anything.

2.SEO Friendly

WordPress takes care of many important elements of Website to give you advantages of SEO and On Page Optimization such as HTML markups, Image Optimization and SEO oriented permalinks.

There are SEO plugins supported by WordPress.

3.Plenty of Themes and Plugins

WordPress is renowned for having a large selection of themes and plugins. You can search through thousands of free themes to pick from the ones that best fits your business needs.

If you can’t find a theme that fits your preference, you can have a designer develop one for you.

4.Mobile Optimization

Every modern theme for WordPress has been mobile-friendly optimized.

With a responsive WordPress theme, most of these crucial aspects will automatically occur without any additional coding, from site design to image scaling.

5.Easy To Publish, Revise and Update Content

WordPress is designed to be friendly for everyone.

WordPress editor is simple to use and intuitive, even non-techies can upload material and edit pages without difficulty. WordPress makes it simple to modify existing content, change themes, and add new pages.

6.Improved User Experience

WordPress is lightweight and known for speedy loading.

WordPress gives you a competitive edge over other CMS because Google’s ranking algorithm takes loading speed into account.

7.Huge and Supportive Community

WordPress community only continues to grow and it’s unlikely to encounter WordPress issue that has not been discussed and answered.

The platform keeps improving with the addition of new SEO functions, enhanced dashboard functionality, and upcoming UI improvements.

Things to look for in a CMS

If you are still uncertain about which CMS to choose, we recommend you to look for following features in any CMS.

  • An effective content editor that offers both visual and coding-based editing alternatives. Drag and drop builders for effortlessness.
  • Basic CMS features include the capacity to add, format, and publish content, as well as the inclusion of user roles.
  • Accessibility to third-party themes, plugins, and integrations for enhancing your website.
  • E-commerce features for potential product sales.
  • Flexibility in design allows you to have versatile design with mobile responsiveness and code control.

Final Thoughts:

WordPress is well-known for its abundant features, plugins, user-friendly design, and numerous customization choices which explains why many businesses are opting to use WordPress development services.

Build your website with the WordPress CMS if your goal is to create a business website that is easy to manage, edit, update, SEO friendly, mobile responsive, and packed with features.